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Sho-Dan Restaurant

Let's make greater social impact, together

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Since 1998, chef Romeo and co-owner ensures to create a unique meal experience at Restaurant Sho-dan for his customers.

Coming from a very modest background, Romeo was among the thousands of boat people who fled Vietnam and landed in Thailand. He found refuge in Canada, where he lived in foster homes for a number of years. Thanks to his hard work and determination, he was admitted to the Fine Arts program at Concordia University in Montreal, where he developed his talent as an artist. He also began to build his reputation as a sushi chef working for 8 years in a well established Montreal japanese restaurant. For Romeo, sushi is a form of art. Each dish is a canvas on which he creates a unique visual and sensory experience for his guests : ‘When I paint I mix colours and when I create a dish I do the same thing!’



When you support YES, you are supporting an organization that helps make lasting change in the lives of over 4,500 individuals in our community every year. You are supporting job readiness, skills training, employment integration, business creation, retention and expansion.

This past year, we helped over 2,355 entrepreneurs launch or grow 501 businesses in Quebec and we helped over 1,500 youth and young adults who were struggling to find employment. With your help, we can continue to create positive change in the lives of so many more in our community.

Thanks for making an impact!


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