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When you support YES, you are supporting an organization that helps make lasting change in the lives of over 4,500 individuals in our community every year. You are supporting job readiness, skills training, employment integration, business creation, retention and expansion. 

Recovering.Rebuilding.Renewing Quebec.

100 companies.100 days.

Join these companies already making an impact !

Help us complete the map with a donation to YES: 100 companies in a 100 days


Quebec’s economy has lost nearly 450,000 jobs due to the pandemic. Let's get the Quebec economy back on its feet.

• Women have been disproportionately affected, with their labour force participation at its lowest level in 3 decades

• Youth (under 25) have suffered the greatest proportion of job losses

• A third of businesses don’t think they can last another year in their current state, with this number increasing among minority groups

• Anglophone Quebecers have more anxiety about Covid-19 than their Francophone and even Allophone counterparts

These numbers are dismal, but it’s important to know that Quebec’s economic future will not be dictated by COVID-19 alone. YOU have the power to step in and support your community. Join our growing team of partners as we help to recover, rebuild and renew Quebec by donating today. Your donation helps connect jobseekers to career opportunities and supports entrepreneurs who are struggling to keep their doors open. Together, YES has assisted over 50,000 Quebecers in finding employment and starting or growing their business. Let’s get the Quebec economy back on its feet. Donate today.

Our corporate giving options

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Nogol Madani - Glee Factor 

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about our success stories

Keep talent in Quebec


  • One-on-one career counselling and support for 20 jobseekers as they define their career paths and apply for opportunities in a swiftly shifting job market

  • Support for 20 young jobseekers as they embark on their careers in a changing market, from career guidance, prep (CV, interview) and research aid


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Nathon Kong - Nathon Kong

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about our success stories

Help ensure small business survival and create future economic opportunities within the province


  • One-on-one assistance for 10 entrepreneurs to assess the risk to their business and develop the concrete steps and technical solutions needed to address them, with additional guidance through their implementation

  • Financial support for 10 women entrepreneurs as they launch and scale their business in Quebec through our pre-accelerator program


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Sinthusha Kandiah  - Divinart Foundation

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about our success stories

Connect jobseekers and entrepreneurs throughout the province to opportunity and support


  • Create free and open access for 50 jobseekers or entrepreneurs to a specialized workshop and networking event that will connect them to employers, mentors, or a community of support as they navigate their next career steps or how to successfully pivot their business


  • Connect Quebecers to the English-language resources and support systems that best fit their needs, such as emergency response benefit options, referrals to mental health resources, and more



Our goal

100 companies. 100 days. Our goal is to partner with 100 companies to recover, rebuild and renew Quebec's economy by supporting entrepreneurs, job seekers and artists.


Your support is essential. Join our growing list of corporate donors.

Previous supporters

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YES Charitable Registration Number: 88872 9050 RR 0001

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