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Author Jayarani Wijesundara

Let's make greater social impact, together

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I am an International Author, Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker and an inspiring daily blogger. My words have touched men and women over the past years through my daily blog page called “Amazing Quotes”. I am on a mission to create impact and change lives through my story. My story has inspired many and through my story I have shown people that how can we overcome any hardships and shine like a north star.

My book offers you an invitation to embrace yourself with all your pain, fear and anxieties, and it will help you step lightly yet firmly on the path of understanding secret recipes of compassion. The book will remind you that no matter how wounded you are, you can choose to belong in life again. The only person standing in your way is “YOU” is in an invitation to heal your painful life by accepting your hearts and thoughts to stand up.

Growing vibrant communities through the transforming power of courage and authenticity… one leader, one company, one neighborhood at a time.

Vibrant, literate communities throughout the region, the nation, and beyond.

With integrity, excellence, and love, we are building relationships and creating a safe, welcoming community where every one of us, regardless of age, race, religion, language, or culture, can belong.



When you support YES, you are supporting an organization that helps make lasting change in the lives of over 4,500 individuals in our community every year. You are supporting job readiness, skills training, employment integration, business creation, retention and expansion.

This past year, we helped over 2,355 entrepreneurs launch or grow 501 businesses in Quebec and we helped over 1,500 youth and young adults who were struggling to find employment. With your help, we can continue to create positive change in the lives of so many more in our community.

Thanks for making an impact!


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