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Reihan Ebrahimi is a Tiohtiá:ke/ Montreal based ceramic artist and the founder of Atelier Guerd. She holds a BFA in ceramics from Concordia University and has had several ceramics training experiences in countries such as Iran, Japan, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Reihan’s research and practice are concentrated on everyday objects both in the contemporary and historical contexts. Her work is drawn from her studies in mythology, art history, and personal experience. She has a playful and creative approach both in her works and teaching method.

“As a ceramicist, I truly enjoy forming clay and exploring the world of glazes. Spending energy, time, and emotions with each of the clay objects I make adds to my life quality. I hope to share this pleasant sensory experience with others through my workshops and find new homes for my works. Besides the aesthetic part, by making ceramics, I hope to contribute to making a better society where we remember our connection to mother earth.” She says.



When you support YES, you are supporting an organization that helps make lasting change in the lives of over 4,500 individuals in our community every year. You are supporting job readiness, skills training, employment integration, business creation, retention and expansion.

This past year, we helped over 2,355 entrepreneurs launch or grow 501 businesses in Quebec and we helped over 1,500 youth and young adults who were struggling to find employment. With your help, we can continue to create positive change in the lives of so many more in our community.

Thanks for making an impact!


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