Charities & Non-Profits

Raise awareness and corporate donations for your charity or non-profit organization

Charities & Non-Profits

New way to measure ROI for corporate donors

Goowi empowers companies to engage their customers to give money to charity on their behalf. Customers then share their act of goodwill on social media, including the name of the charity or cause they supported and the company behind the donation. Companies build deeper relationships with their customers by giving them the opportunity to have a social impact with money made available to them. The more customers participate in a campaign, the higher your chances are of raising additional funds and the higher the ROI for the business.

Reactivate dormant individual donors

Companies using Goowi allow their customers, their friends and your existing individual donors to access money to give to a charity or cause of their choice (among 3-5 preselected options). If you have individual donors on your mailing list that have not been donating lately, now you have the perfect opportunity to tell them that a company is giving them money to donate to you. They may also wish to make additional donations.

Get FREE awareness on social media

The value of free and personalized word-of-mouth should not be underestimated. Once people have donated to a cause on a company's behalf, they share that information on social media with the help of Goowi. As a result, your charity or non-profit organization will benefit from free user-generated social media awareness, which could lead to additional donations from new donors.

Reach new corporate donors

Companies that launch digital philanthropy campaigns with Goowi have access to our database of registered charities and non-profit organizations. Your charity can be chosen by new corporate donors upon your approval. You will be notified when a company wishes to add you as one of their causes.

Reach new individual donors

Companies inspire and challenge their customers to give additional donations to the fundraising campaign, which generates more money for your cause and new individual donors to add to your mailing lists.

Charities & Non-Profits

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