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Consumers want to buy from socially responsible companies. They want to feel that their purchase has a positive impact on society. That feeling grows stronger if they get to choose the type of difference they can make and if the impact can be measured. Companies that integrate philanthropy into their marketing strategy are able to empower and trigger that feeling on their customers, building deeper and more sustainable relationships.

Goowi enables you to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate philanthropy into your business by giving your customers access to money to give to the cause of their choice. Your customers can then easily share the campaign on social media, along with the cause they supported and the company that made it possible. By doing this, they are contributing in improving your brand's image and presence on social media.

Your community investment programs are already established...

Goowi will help you:

  • Boost engagement on existing community investment programs
  • Reduce marketing costs and increase social media fanbase for your company and charities
  • Integrate social-giving features and simplify the donation process
  • Analyze customer choices from your preselected list of charities
  • Access a global database of registered charities
  • Retrieve performance metrics and cross-markets analytics

You want to start your community investment program...

Goowi will help you:

  • Start a campaign in minutes with as low as $100
  • Spread the word for your campaign and increase your social media fanbase
  • Get traction and analyze customer engagement
  • Access a global database of registered charities
  • Integrate social-giving features and customer donations processing into your website
  • Measure the social impact you make

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