The Brands Philanthropy Platform

Launch philanthropy sponsorship campaigns at a price you can afford & zero learning curve

Grow your brand by growing your impact






Empowering a million brands to commit to philanthropy by 2030


Set your brand's commitment

to philanthropy in 3 simple steps


Engage visitors or customers to get a
to give to a cause they care about


Add a branded social impact page on

your website with engaging impact metrics


Expand your reach & your impact

with powerful custom campaigns


Get insights to help you increase your

brand's social impact, reach & ROI


Get a dedicated team of philanthropy
sponsorship experts just a text away

Your run your business
We'll do your
philanthropy sponsorships


Charities reward people's generosity

with your branded vouchers or giveaways 

You run your business

We'll do your philanthropy sponsorships


Expand your reach & engage your audience

with content that matters

" Be the business you wish

to see in the world "





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