Grow your Brand's Social Impact
with Goodwill Waves

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What's Goowi ?

The Brands Philanthropy Platform
used by entrepreneurs just like you, who want to make a difference in the world through their companies. 

What are
Goodwill Waves ?

Goodwill waves are
social impact campaigns

designed to help brands achieve different social & business goals

97% of

already know the importance of integrating philanthropy into their brandsbut don't have time, staff or simply don't know where to begin

What ? When ?
How ? How much ?

You problably have a lot of questions like which causes to support, how much to give; whether to engage employees o customers, and more

Plug & Play Waves

Join any of our plug & play waves designed for different social & business goals, such as lead generation, brand awareness, customer engagement, etc. 

Custom Waves

You can create new waves, customized for your brand's specific goals, budget & audience


is a plug & play goodwill wave
optimized for 
lead generation


is a plug & play goodwill wave
optimized for 
brand+cause awareness


is a plug & play goodwill wave
optimized for customer engagement


is a plug & play goodwill wave
optimized for employee engagement

We are on a mission to empower
a million brands to commit to philanthropy by 2030

"Be the brand 
you wish to see in the world"

Wind Turbines
Young kids

Grow your brand's
impact from 1$/day

The most important part of brand's philanthropy is starting. The second most important is committing. The key lies in sustainablity, for everyone

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Image by Louis Reed

Goodwill Waves
are done-for-you

Instead of having to learn new tools, we set up your waves for you. Every brand is assigned a Goowi Expert to help in every step of the way

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